Limited Government. Unlimited Opportunities.

We are all capable of contributing to the wellbeing of our community in our own unique way.

The LIBRE Initiative helps Latinos discover and develop their potential, by working to advance the solutions that create the freedom and opportunity for our community.

Driving Progress for Latinos in the U.S.

LIBRE brings people together to make a positive impact in the areas that matter most to Hispanics in this country – a strong economy and good jobs, access to affordable healthcare, safer communities, and quality education for our children.

Whether in Washington D.C. or your neighborhood, we work with lawmakers, thought leaders, and engaged community members to ensure that the American Dream is achievable for all Latinos.

Vive tu American Dream.

See The LIBRE Initiative in action and learn more about what we do to support our Latino community.

Our Leadership

Experience the force behind LIBRE, a team forged by years of dedicated advocacy and community mobilization expertise. We’re on a mission to dismantle obstacles that hinder prosperity, advocating for policies that expand freedoms and opportunities. Our members are driven by a profound commitment to the Latino community, born from personal understanding of the trials faced in pursuit of the American Dream. With passion as our fuel, we stand ready to empower and uplift, ensuring every voice is heard and every opportunity seized. Join us in our journey towards a brighter future for all.

Daniel Garza

Founding President

A woman with long, wavy dark hair and a bright smile is wearing a black sleeveless top. She stands against a plain white background.

Sandra Benitez

Executive Director

Joes Mallea, CEO of the LIBRE Initiative

Jose Mallea

Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Baldwin's Headshot Photo

Jeffrey Baldwin

The LIBRE Institute, Director

Andrea Costacampas's Headshot Photo

Andrea Costacamps

Digital Communications Manager

Wadi's Headshot Photo

Wadi Gaitan

Communications Director

Cesar Grajales's Headshot Photo

Cesar Grajales

Public Affairs Director & Sabor a Freedom Podcast Host

israel ortega's Headshot Photo

Israel Ortega

Deputy Communications Director

Judy Pino's Headshot Photo

Judy Pino

Marketing Manager

Janisset Rivero's Headshot Photo

Janisset Rivero

The LIBRE Institute, Manager

IsabelSoto's Headshot Photo

Isabel Soto

Policy Director

Helder Toste's Headshot Photo

Helder Toste

Government Affairs Liason

David's Headshot Photo

David Velazquez

Sr. Advisor to State Operations

LIBRE Team Directory


Monet Bacs

Strategic Director

Phoenix, Arizona

Yahaira Felix's Headshot Photo

Yahaira Felix

Engagement Director

Phoenix, Arizona

Andrea Hernandez

Engagement Director

Phoenix, Arizona

brandon h's Headshot Photo

Brandon Huerta

Engagement Director

Tucson, Arizona

Jonathan's Headshot Photo

Jonathan Soto Robles

Deputy Director of Grassroots

Phoenix, Arizona


Angel's Headshot Photo

Angel Merlos

Strategic Director

Denver, Colorado

Gerard's Headshot Photo

Gerard Torrez

Engagement Director

Denver, Colorado


LunicelAlvarado's Headshot Photo

Lunicel Alvarado

Engagement Director

Miami, Florida

Catalina Ariza's Headshot Photo

Catalina Ariza

Engagement Director

Kissimmee, Florida

Yosvany Pineda Bermudez's Headshot Photo

Yosvanny Bermudez

Engagement Director

Tampa, Florida

IvanJaime's Headshot Photo

Ivan Jaime Jr.

Engagement Director

Orlando, Florida

StevenLopez's Headshot Photo

Stephen Lopez

Engagement Director

Miami, Florida

magda's Headshot Photo

Magda Luz Diaz

Engagement Director

Tampa, Florida

JuanMartinezFL's Headshot Photo

Juan M. Martinez Pabellon

Dep. Director of Grassroots

Kissimmee, Florida

David Santiago's Headshot Photo

David Santiago

Strategic Director

Deltona, Florida

StephanieTorres's Headshot Photo

Stephanie Torres

Dep. Director of Grassroots

Miami, Florida


Ricardo Alfaro's Headshot Photo

Ricardo Alfaro Castro

Engagement Director

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Miguel Pilar's Headshot Photo

Jaden Morrissey

Engagement Director

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Eddie Diaz's Headshot Photo

Eddie Diaz

Strategic Director

Las Vegas, Nevada

Gabriela Escudero's Headshot Photo

Gabriela Escudero

Engagement Director

Las Vegas, Nevada

Cesar Minera's Headshot Photo

Cesar Minera

Engagement Director

Reno, Nevada

image (16)'s Headshot Photo

Alfa Sosa

Engagement Director

Las Vegas, Nevada

Edgar Trejo's Headshot Photo

Edgar Trejo

Engagement Director

Las Vegas, Nevada

New Mexico

Mateo Brown's Headshot Photo

Matthew Brown

Strategic Director

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jonathan Olivas's Headshot Photo

Jonathan Olivas

Engagement Director

Albuquergue, New Mexico

North Carolina

image (15)'s Headshot Photo

Gerardo Lora

Dep. Director of Grassroots

Charlotte , North Carolina

Jose Mora Mendez's Headshot Photo

Jose Luis Mora Mendez

Engagement Director

Raleigh, North Carolina

CeciliaNavas's Headshot Photo

Cecilia Navas

Grassroots Engagement Director

Raleigh, North Carolina

Lorena's Headshot Photo

Larena Trocel

Engagement Director

Durham, North Carolina


Leticia Damian's Headshot Photo

Leticia Damian

Engagement Director

Willard, Ohio

Lair Marin Marcum's Headshot Photo

Lair Marin-Marcum

Strategic Director

Colombus, Ohio


Jennie Dallas's Headshot Photo

Jennie Dallas

Strategic Director

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Uni Lopez's Headshot Photo

Uni Lopez

Engagement Director

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


Juan D. Vasquez's Headshot Photo

Juan D. Vasquez

Dep. Director of Grassroots

McAllen, Texas

Cynthia Dominguez's Headshot Photo

Cynthia Dominguez

Engagement Director

San Antonio, Texas

Raul Espinoza Jr.'s Headshot Photo

Raul Espinoza Jr.

Strategic Director

Austin, Texas

Gerson Hernandez's Headshot Photo

Gerson Hernandez

Engagement Director

Dallas, Texas

Jorge Martinez's Headshot Photo

Jorge Martinez

Coalitions Director

McAllen, Texas

Monica Rodriguez's Headshot Photo

Monica Rodriguez

Engagement Director

McAllen, Texas

Enrique Romero's Headshot Photo

Enrique Romero

Engagement Director

El Paso, Texas


Yesid Alejandro Beltran's Headshot Photo

Yesid Alejandro Beltran

Engagement Director

Norhern VA, Virginia

Andre Lopez

Engagement Director

Richmond, Virginia

Joshua Raimundo's Headshot Photo

Joshua Raimundo

Strategic Director

Richmond, Virginia

Emily Romero

Communications Associate

Arlington, Virginia

Leandro Ruiz-Fernandez

Dep. Director of Grassroots

Falls Church, Virginia

Patricia Turner's Headshot Photo

Patricia Turner

Project Coordinator

Arlington, Virginia


Anna Flores's Headshot Photo

Anna Flores

Engagement Director

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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