Vive tu American Dream.

A majority of Latinos are concerned that the country is in decline and offers diminishing opportunities for the next generation. Together we can turn this around.


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Since 2011 LIBRE has been the only national grassroots organization engaging Latinos with freedom-minded policy solutions that drive opportunity and progress.

LIBRE is embedded in Latino communities across 13 states and we hear you! We focus on the key issues Hispanics care most about and successfully drive change through advocacy, educational programs and research. Together we can break down political barriers that get in the way of Latinos achieving their unique American Dream.

June 20, 2024
Press Releases

Video Release: “Vive tu American Dream”

Arlington, VA — Today, The LIBRE Initiative,the largest center-right Latino organization in the country, released “Vive tu American Dream” (Live…
June 19, 2024

The story behind LIBRE: Championing Latino freedom and prosperity

America is different from the rest of the world because people can pursue their dreams and build their future here….
May 29, 2024
SaF Blog

Empowering Latino Voices: ‘Sabor a Freedom’ and the Pursuit of the American Dream

We are excited to introduce “Sabor a Freedom,” a new podcast project from The LIBRE Initiative that’s close to our…

The Issues That Drive Us

Latino views on the issues that impact them most are as diverse as the Hispanic community itself. The LIBRE Initiative team is focused on making meaningful change by supporting policies that offer more freedom, not less. We know this to be the best way for Hispanics to prosper in the U.S.

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Freedom is fragile. Sabor a Freedom (Taste of Freedom), LIBRE’s own Spanish-language national video podcast, showcases the stories of Latinos who believe that we are all charged with protecting the American Dream and all that freedom has to offer. Our host Cesar Grajales takes us on a journey each week highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit and resilience of Latinos who embrace freedom-minded solutions to make our country stronger.

State Chapters

The LIBRE Initiative has a nationwide presence, with events and activities across the country. Join us in driving impact for our Latino community. Learn more about our state chapters and our schedule of upcoming events.

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Help to remove barriers and drive impact for our Latino community. Learn about different ways of getting involved and making positive change with The LIBRE Initiative.

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