Andrea Costacamps

Digital Communications Manager

Andrea Costacamps began as the Digital Communications Manager for The LIBRE Initiative in October of 2023. 

Before joining the LIBRE team, Andrea served as Director of Public Affairs for Congresswoman Maria Salazar of Florida’s 27th District. She began as a Speechwriter for the Salazar campaign before being asked to join the staff full-time. As a staffer, she represented the Congresswoman in District 27 by meeting with constituents, particularly in the burgeoning Tech and Finance sector, to understand their Federal policy concerns. She regularly briefed the Congresswoman and her staff on these meetings, so that the office could mobilize to find solutions for the people of FL-27.

In fact, Andrea has always sought to center her professional career around service to the community. Upon moving to the US, she served as a History, Civics, Religion and Writing. She brought a unique perspective to her students about their place in the world, and their place in history, by drawing on her unique international background. 

For 6 years prior to teaching, Andrea served on the Project Management Team at a US military base in The Bahamas. The base was Training Facility for submarines, helicopter units and the special forces. This was her first job out of the University of North Florida, where she studied Political Science.

She was driven to study Political Science because of her upbringing. Her parents both served in the Foreign Service for the US State Department for over 20 years. This meant that, over those years, Andrea moved to 8 different countries and interned at various US Embassies around the world. Her exposure to diplomacy from a young age fueled her love of country and service. 

Andrea is originally from Puerto Rico, lives in Miami, FL with her daughter, and continues fueling her passion for service by teaching Catechism Classes to young children in her free time.