Juan Martinez

Advisor to State Operations

Juan’s unwavering dedication to advocating for limited government traces back to his upbringing in a financially challenged neighborhood in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, he witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of well-intentioned yet poorly devised policies that hindered economic advancement, rather than empowering individuals to pursue the American Dream. 

Juan’s own American Dream began to take shape as he became the first in his family to graduate from college. After college, Juan sought solutions to break the cycle of poverty in his community, he uncovered a complex web of regulations resulting from crony deals, designed to protect special interests by stifling innovation and competition among those the laws purported to assist.

Motivated by a passionate drive to empower his community, Juan became deeply involved in both political and educational spheres, striving to limit government intervention in everyday lives. Over his journey, Juan was elected as a Trustee and Executive Board Member to the Republican Party in Nevada, worked on numerous campaigns, served on the Civil Service Board of Trustees in North Las Vegas, and joined the Stand Together Community in 2014. Within Stand Together, he held multiple roles in Americans for Prosperity and The LIBRE Initiative. Presently, Juan serves as the Advisor to State Operations, continually seeking ways to maximize freedom for Americans nationwide.

Juan spends his free time with his wife and daughter, who remain his inspiration, while striving towards an America that values individuals based on their character and contributions to society, rather than their association with any collective group.