The Issues that Impact Latinos

LIBRE focuses its attention and resources on the key issues that Hispanics in the US care most about.

Our team is on the ground in DC and throughout the US, working toward freedom-minded policy solutions that will improve the lives of Latino families and maximize the potential of our vibrant communities.

The Issues Latinos kid

LIBRE Initiative Issues

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LIBRE works to maximize Latino earning power.

The road to economic prosperity is one paved by increased access to work, respect for worker freedom and choice, reducing burdensome regulations, and fixing our broken budget process. 

Join LIBRE in working to increase economic opportunities for Latinos in the US. 

Latino earning power

LIBRE wants affordable healthcare access for Latinos.

Latinos are accessing that quality health care is becoming increasingly complex. Lower costs, better care, wider choices, and innovation are key priorities for this community.

healthcare for Latinos

LIBRE supports safe and efficient legal immigration policies.

Latinos want safer communities, spaces, and cities. Border Security and Immigration Reform are crucial to improve upon American security needs.

Immigration policies

LIBRE demands access to a quality education for Latinos. 

When families are empowered to choose the finest education for their child, students win. A strong education system shapes students who are prepared to lead good lives, have the skills needed to succeed, and be valuable members of civil society,

education for Latinos

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