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Pelosi Should Not Reject Dreamer Deal

(Arlington, VA) – Yesterday Leader Pelosi stated her opposition to a proposal to provide permanent protection to the Dreamers and significant funding for the border wall.


Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:


“Right now the Dreamers have no confidence about their future. They know that the courts may – at any time – strike down their protection under DACA and leave them exposed to deportation. It would be shortsighted for any advocate of the Dreamers to reject a reasonable path to address this important issue – all options should remain on the table to pass a solution expeditiously. We hope that Leader Pelosi will reconsider these comments, and find a way to work with the president on a win-win proposal – one that provides the certainty that Dreamers need to plan for the future, and that enhances border security. We believe this is the sort of proposal that can earn broad, bipartisan support, and be signed into law. But we need leadership from those who say they support the Dreamers in order for this to happen.”