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Job Numbers: Latinos are Missing from the Labor Force [March]

Job Numbers: Latinos are Missing from the Labor Force [March]

Arlington, VA—In March, 303,000 jobs were added to the economy, exceeding expectations. 23.4 percent of the job gains were in government, and a similarly high percent also came from the healthcare industry. Hispanic labor force participation ticked downward, meaning it remains below the level it was pre-COVID. 

If labor force participation had fully recovered in March there would be an estimated 485,600 more Hispanics in the labor force. Further, the topline number of multiple job holders is up year over year which could indicate the need for a more significant number of individuals to supplement their incomes. Having the option to pursue additional work in the economy is certainly helpful for individuals who want to supplement their existing income and can act as a buffer in times of economic crisis. 

Isabel Soto, policy director for The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement: 

“The actual size of the Hispanic labor force is smaller now than it was a year ago due to the relatively flat labor force participation rate under the Biden administration. Workers should be able to pursue the work they see fit, but unfortunately, the Biden administration is intent on making it harder to be self-employed. This could spell trouble in the future as the administration’s Department of Labor rule continues to limit independent work. It’s time for the White House to shift course.”