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LIBRE’s 2024 Federal Policy Agenda

With over 60 million Hispanics across the U.S., our community continues to be a vibrant and essential member of the U.S. economy, culture, community, and society.

Unfortunately, the Latino community faces immense barriers toward achieving the American Dream. Latinos are looking to policymakers to work together and support policies that will empower individuals and expand opportunity for all.

The Latino community, like all Americans, is eager to live out their version of The American Dream.

To address these challenges, LIBRE’s policy agenda provides federal lawmakers with options to remove barriers to opportunity by:

  • Building a Thriving and Free Economy
  • Addressing Affordable, Quality Health Care
  • Modernizing our Immigration System & Border Security
  • Unlocking U.S. Energy Potential

A Thriving and Free Economy

The road to economic prosperity is one paved by increasing access to work, respecting worker freedom and choice, cutting burdensome regulations, and fixing our broken budget process.

H.R. 976 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Permanency Act

Would make permanent the tax cuts for individuals and small businesses originally enacted as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017. Without Congressional action, 23 different provisions of the 2017 Republican tax law are set to expire after 2025. For this legislation to be most effective and not increase debt, it should be paired with spending cuts.

H.R. 5696 Prevent Government Shutdowns Act of 2023

Prevents government shutdowns by requiring members of Congress to continue working until all spending bills are passed. In the intervening time the act would implement an auto continuing resolution to keep spending at the same levels as the previous year.

H.R. 6953 Comprehensive Congressional Budget Act (CCBA) of 2024

Requires Congress to create an annual budget with all the spending and revenue as part of one bill. This would bring members to the table and take major steps toward reining in wasteful spending.

Affordable, Quality Health Care

The Latino community, and all Americans, need congress to enact policies that move the country towards a system where individuals and families have access to the high-quality care they need, when they need it, and at a price they can afford. This means shifting toward a personalized and customizable system and away from a top down and inefficient one.

H.R. 4875/ S. 2016 CONNECT for Health Act

This bill permanently extends the health care flexibility that was made available during the pandemic, including, allowing rural health clinics and federally qualified health centers
to offer telehealth, removing in- person requirements, and removing geographic restriction.

H.R. 6033 SPEAK Act

Requires the Department of Health and Human Services to create a taskforce with the goal of improving language access in the healthcare space. This would help the over 25 million Americans with limited English proficiency get the care they need.

H.R. 4942/ S. 665 Conrad State 30 Reauthorization

Allows American educated, foreign born physicians with a J-1 visa to stay in the U.S. and practice if they commit to relocating to rural and underserved communities. This bill renews the program to continue for three more years.

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A Modernized Immigration System & Border Security

An overwhelming majority of Americans want immigration reform. Our current system does not work. We need a strong and effective border security paired with reform for legal pathways, so the immigration system works for all Americans.

H.R. 4708 – HIRE Act

The U.S. immigration system is far too complex due to burdensome and unnecessary regulations that keep U.S. small businesses from filling crucial seasonal labor gaps. The HIRE act would streamline the process for temporary H-2A and H-2B visas by expanding the labor certification period to three years, waiving the in-person interview requirement for returning workers, and improving transparency for American workers who wish to fill these jobs.

H.R. 6391 – INTEL at Our Borders Act

This piece would update technology at the border and ensure that implementation is effective while addressing existing gaps.

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