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Comment from The LIBRE Initiative on Proposed Public Charge Rule

(Arlington, VA) – The LIBRE Initiative has submitted a comment to the Department of Homeland Security regarding the proposed revision to the “public charge” rule. The LIBRE Initiative argues that the revised rule is unlikely to have the intended effect, and will instead prevent the admission of legal immigrants who can be expected to make significant contributions to the United States over their lifetimes.


Read the official comment by The LIBRE Initiative HERE


Below is an excerpt from The LIBRE Initiative letter:


“Today, thanks, in part, to policies enacted under this administration, unemployment has reached historic lows. Immigrants are filling important jobs at a time when employers report being unable to find employees to fill millions of open positions. At the same time, businesses founded by immigrants and their children employ millions of Americans and their innovations continue to improve our lives. Their contributions on countless fronts, including culturally and economically, add much to our country. While we should embrace proposals to improve our immigration system, it would do serious harm to our country and economy to block the entry of people whom we rely on today, as well as people who will create so much growth and rich opportunity in the future…


The proposed regulation, however, would make this determination a more subjective assessment made on an ad hoc, case-by-case basis based on newly, undefined criteria. It also fails to account for future contributions, a particularly consequential flaw to a rule that seeks to determine if an immigrant’s presence will be a net cost or contribution to the country.”