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The LIBRE Initiative Releases Florida Legislative Scorecard

(Tallahassee, FL) Today, The LIBRE Initiative is releasing their 2018 Florida Legislative Scorecard with the goal of providing Floridians with information on how state lawmakers voted during the legislative session. The scorecard identifies important legislation that impacts our communities across the state – including a key education bill that empowers families with more opportunity and options for a better education. It also reports on legislation that tackles wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.

Florida Coalitions Director, Cesar Grajales, released the following statement:

“Improving the future of our communities and growing our economy often requires our elected officials to fight for legislation that will remove barriers to opportunity. This year, the Florida legislature approved important bills on education, corporate welfare, and criminal justice reform – among other key issues. Through door knocking, phone banking, meetings with legislators – and other methods – our organization advocated for the interests of our community, and ensured that their priorities were heard. We applaud the members who received a passing grade for their effort to stand for the best interests of Floridians across the state.”

View The Scorecard Here

Breakdown on Score System:
Grades were awarded as Pass or Fail. One Hundred and eighteen (118) members passed – the remaining members failed. Members scoring above 70% passed, but members scoring a 69% or below failed. One point has been awarded for each vote cast in support of a pro-economic freedom issue or against an anti-economic freedom issue. Each vote carries the same weight, regardless of the issue or whether the vote occurred in committee or on the floor. Legislators voting on an issue twice and voting in favor of our position both times received a score of 2/2. If they voted against our position both times they received a 0/2. We also awarded one point for prime sponsorship of a priority bill we supported and deducted a point for sponsorship of a bill we opposed.

The LIBRE Scorecard includes nearly 3,501 individual votes among 29 separate legislative issues. While some of these issues had legislation filed in both the House and Senate, others were filed in one chamber only. In total, the 29 separate legislative issues were comprised of 49 different bills. Each of The LIBRE Initiative Florida’s legislative priorities is included on this scorecard, as well as additional issues we explicitly supported or opposed during the 2018 regular legislative session. Of the 49 different bills supported or opposed this session, votes were tallied in either the House or the Senate for 29 of them. The others have been included in the scorecard via positive or negative sponsorship points, as explained in the grading section below. Summaries of all 29 legislative issues and their results during the legislative process are also included in the scorecard.

For interviews with a representative from the LIBRE Initiative, please contact Brian Faughnan, 202-805-1581 or Wadi Gaitan, 202-853-4463