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Hispanic Unemployment Falls to New Record Low

(Arlington, VA) – Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the employment report for the month of June. During the month, the economy added 213,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate rose slightly, as more than 600,000 additional workers entered the labor market. At the same time, Hispanic unemployment fell to a new all-time low of just 4.6 percent.


Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“The Hispanic community is benefiting from the record-long economic expansion that America is continuing to enjoy. As leaders in Washington implement policies of reduced taxation and limited regulation, Hispanics are among the greatest beneficiaries of this growing economy. With wages increasing as the economy expands, it’s important that leaders avoid government interference that would hurt the economy – through imposition of unneeded trade barriers, or reducing access to needed workers, or other misguided policies. We should continue to advocate for an approach that will encourage growth rather than stifle it.”

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