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Latino Advocacy Group Launches Education Saving Accounts (ESAs) and Educational Freedom Campaign

<strong>Latino Advocacy Group Launches Education Saving Accounts (ESAs) and Educational Freedom Campaign</strong>

The LIBRE Initiative Supports Providing Arizona Families
with Greater Educational Choice

(Phoenix, AZ) –  Today, The LIBRE Initiative, an organization committed to empowering the Latino community, issued a statement strongly supporting educational freedom – or the idea of allowing parents with greater choice in the educational system.

Arizona recently took one of the most consequential laws in recent years to expand educational freedom by enacting the Empowerment Scholarship Account Program (ESA) – legislation allowing families to opt their children out of public district or charter schools and receive a portion of their public funding deposited into an account for defined, but multiple, uses, including private school tuition, online education, education therapies, private tutoring, or future educational expenses.

In order to communicate the benefits of educational freedom, including ESAs, The LIBRE Initiative is planning on promoting content on social media and holding in-person events all across the state.

Monet Bacs, strategic initiative director for The LIBRE Initiative, issued the following statement:

“If we learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that a one size-fits-all approach when it comes to education does not work. Thankfully, Arizona lawmakers acted last year by approving one of the most transformative pieces of legislation ever enacted to expand educational freedom in the form of Education Saving Accounts (ESAs). 

Thanks to Arizona’s ESA program, Arizona families – including many Arizona Latino families – can now customize their child’s education to best meet their individual needs.

Unfortunately, there are some who don’t want to see this type of choice and want to go back to the status quo. The LIBRE Initiative in Arizona is prepared to educate the Latino community about the benefits of educational freedom to ensure that our state can continue building on the work we are doing to expand choice in education.

The Latino community in Arizona knows that a good education is critical to living out their version of the American Dream.”