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14 solutions for improving the economy, health care, and immigration

January 20, 2023

“As the new year turns and a new Congress begins legislating, lawmakers’ focus should be on removing barriers to opportunity, fostering innovation, and enabling every American to improve lives and communities.”

So states Daniel Garza, president of The LIBRE Initiative, in his recent Univision op-ed listing 14 policy solutions Congress can enact to benefit the Hispanic community.

After raising some of the biggest problems our country is facing regarding the economy, health care, and immigration, Garza offers the following reforms:

Solutions for improving the economy:

1. Pass a unified budget that promotes fiscal restraint and fixes the broken congressional budgeting process.

2. Make permanent the reduced tax burden for individuals and small businesses in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that is set to expire in 2025.

3. Pass the Small Entrepreneurs Empowerment and Development Act.

4. Enact the Unlocking Capital for Small Businesses Act.

5. Pass the Employee Rights Act.

Solutions for providing high-quality health care at an affordable price

6. Champion the Personal Option reforms that can provide Latino households with the care they need, at a price they can afford, from the providers they trust.

7. Expand tax-free health savings accounts.

8. Pass the Primary Care Enhancement Act to increase access to direct primary care.

9. Remove Medicare’s ban on physician-owned hospitals.

10. Expand telehealth access and allow employers to provide telehealth benefits.

Solutions for modernizing our outdated immigration system

11. Pass the Bipartisan Border Solutions Act to enhance border security.

12. Pass the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act to address labor shortages in health care.

13. Pass the Farm Workforce Modernization Act to address labor shortages in the agriculture industry.

14. Pass the Dignity Act to strengthen security and our workforce.

There are plenty of solutions available,” Garza writes. “Lawmakers have already written the bills. We can address the economy, health care, and immigration if our leaders can muster the will to act.”

Read the op-ed for more details on these critical solutions.