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ICYMI: Washington Post Editorial Board Encourages Dreamer Deal

(Arlington, VA) – The Washington Post has editorialized in support of a legislative effort to pair funding for enhanced border security with legislation to provide permanent relief to the Dreamers. In this piece, the Editorial Board notes the efforts of The LIBRE Initiative and its allies to encourage such a compromise.

“Mr. Trump’s last best chance for the wall, his signature 2016 campaign promise, may come during this lame-duck session of Congress. The window is narrow and the odds long, but the president could exercise his influence over the soon-to-disappear Republican majority in the House to press for a deal that would trade substantial funding for border security — including portions of a wall — for legislation that would assure a stable future for the dreamers…

A straightforward swap of wall funding for a dreamer fix should be an easy sell to the president’s base. Three-quarters of Republicans support giving dreamers a path to citizenship, and roughly the same percentage back the president on the wall, according to a recent Gallup poll. Several groups affiliated with the Koch network, major GOP donors, have also written to congressional leaders endorsing a deal. Democrats almost unanimously favor citizenship or at least legal status for the dreamers, and, while few of them want a border wall, many might accept significant funding for one if it meant removing the risk of deportation faced by well more than a million dreamers.”

The LIBRE Initiative recently joined with Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Prosperity in encouraging Congressional leaders to act to provide certainty to the Dreamers:

“A legislative compromise that pairs a permanent solution for the Dreamers with additional funding for border security has again been proposed. We believe such a compromise can be passed and enacted into law with broad bipartisan support. We stand ready to work with you or any lawmaker toward this goal.”