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Certainty and Security – Not a Border Shutdown

(Arlington, VA) – With attention focused on the arrival of a caravan at the southern border, policymakers in Washington are calling for action in the weeks ahead to address immigration challenges.


Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“It’s wrong to rush the border in an attempt to get around the law. But we shouldn’t close off our ports of entry to trade or shut down our borders to legal immigration in response.

It’s been decades since Congress and the president last came together to review and update the nation’s immigration laws and the impact of those inactions is currently unfolding in real time along our southern border.

The upcoming lame duck session of Congress provides another chance to begin and address these complex, but fixable problems. It is time to reach across the aisle and cement the proposal that provides both certainty and security while preventing a shutdown of our ports or the government – certainty to Dreamers and enhanced border security for the country.

That deal would have bipartisan support and we hope that Congress and the president seize this opportunity to get it done.”

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