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ICYMI: Univision Atlanta Hosted LIBRE’s David Casas to Talk Educational Options

(ATLANTA, GA) – Univision Atlanta hosted David Casas, Community Engagement Director for The LIBRE Initiative-Georgia, to talk about House Bill (HB) 60, Georgia Educational Scholarship Act, a bill in Georgia’s state legislature that could expand educational options programs.

HB 60 would allow parents to access a portion of state funds allocated for their child and use it for several educational expenses like tutoring services, laptops, college courses, private school, charter schools, therapy for students with special needs, and much more.

Watch the full interview here:


The LIBRE Initiative, an organization committed to empowering the U.S. Hispanic community, has long advocated for educational opportunity by educating the Latino community on educational options and advancing policy that breaks down barriers to student-centered education.

Key Facts

  • 16% of the 1.8 million students enrolled in Georgia public schools are Latino.
  • Latinos face six primary barriers to educational attainment: (a) lack of understanding of the U.S. school system, (b) low parental involvement in the schools, (c) lack of residential stability among the Latino population, (d) little school support for the needs of Latino students, (e) few incentives for the continuation of Latino education, and (f) barred immigrant access to higher education.