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Young People Rejecting Obamacare, Opting for Private Insurance


Young People Rejecting Obamacare, Opting for Private Insurance

(Washington, D.C.) – The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamcare, counts on enrollment by the young and healthy to support it. It's even been suggested that Obamacare was intentionally designed to to hurt young people financially. And as the White House continues to push for youth and minority enrollment with cat gifs, March Madness gimmicks and online interviews, young Americans are realizing that Obamacare is a bad deal for many of them. In fact, more young people are purchasing health insurance through private brokers instead of subjecting themselves to the many problems that have plagued the ACA enrollment process. The online broker eHealthInsurance reports that 45% of people purchasing plans through their service are between 18 and 34 years of age as compared to the 25% of sign-ups through Obamacare for the same age bracket.  

When making personal calculations, many young Americans – who are typically on the low end of the income scale – are choosing to pay the penalties as opposed to the monthly fee for Obamacare-mandated health insurance. One student at California State University recently said "I will be honest, it's cheaper for me to be fined than to pay the monthly fee." Many others appear to be making a similar choice.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"It's unsurprising that young Americans are choosing alternatives that fit their needs instead of the mandated health insurance options that Obamacare offers. They're turning to the private sector to secure coverage, or deciding that at this stage in their life a penalty, while unfair, is a better financial decision.

This law relies on the younger generation to pay the bills. It's not affordable for them, and it is needlessly limiting their choices. Millennials who are already burdened by staggering amounts of student loan debt, held back by a stagnant economy that doesn't allow them the opportunity to find jobs, and an ever-increasing national debt that continues to put their future at risk, don't want another government-created roadblock in their way."

Learn more about "The Accountability Project" campaign and LIBRE's efforts to keep elected officials accountable for supporting the flawed Obamacare law that is causing families everywhere to lose their current health care plan and lose their full time jobs. They are elected to make the right decisions for the people – let's keep them accountable.

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