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Why Wait for SCOTUS on DACA?

It’s time for Congress and the White House to act on Dreamers


(Arlington, VA) – Tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 12th, The Supreme Court of the United States is set to hear oral arguments on the Administration’s termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program – a termination which has been on hold due to legal challenges.


Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, and Jorge A. Lima, Senior Vice President of Policy for Americans for Prosperity, released the following statement:


“Why wait for the Supreme Court to decide on DACA? The weight of responsibility to act and legislate on the future of Dreamers has always been, and continues to be, on Congress and the White House. No matter what the Supreme Court rules next year, DACA continues to be a temporary program that does not provide the necessary certainty to Dreamers, their families, communities, and employers.


Rather than waiting for a Supreme Court ruling, it’s time for Republicans and Democrats in Washington to work together and pass a bipartisan permanent legislative solution.”



The LIBRE Initiative and Americans for Prosperity have long called on congress and the White House to unite where they share common ground. In the past, at separate times, a deal that pairs a permanent solution for Dreamers and enhancements to border security has been agreed to by both parties. Furthermore, this solution shares broad backing with 3 in 5 Americans supporting both a solution for Dreamers and a more secure border.