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ICYMI: The LIBRE Initiative Testifies In Favor of FL Senate CJR Bill

(Tallahassee, Florida)— On Tuesday, Cesar Grajales, The LIBRE Initiative’s Florida Coalitions Director, testified before the Florida Senate Committee on Criminal Justice in support of SB 346, legislation which will help modernize Florida’s criminal justice system by allowing judges to exercise greater discretion when deciding the correct punishment for a crime.

Watch His Testimony Here.

From Cesar Grajales’ public testimony:

“We know that mandatory sentencing takes away judicial discretion and strips judges of their ability to take all the relevant facts of the case into consideration, which ends up constraining a judge’s sentencing powers – harming many people including Hispanics.” 

“….An effective criminal justice system should preserve public safety, respect human dignity and restore victims.”

SB 346 will move Floridians away from an ineffective one-size-fits-all approach towards a smart on crime and soft on taxpayers’ criminal justice system that works for all people, by providing judges and our courts with greater flexibility.


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