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Time to Get Serious on Dreamer/Border Deal

(Arlington, VA) – As lawmakers and the White House discuss a path forward toward re-opening unfunded federal agencies, many in Congress are expressing support for a compromise to protect the Dreamers and enhance border security. This also has the support of a number of prominent editorial boards and others.


Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:


“It’s encouraging that a growing number of Representatives and Senators are coming to support a proposal that would provide certainty to the Dreamers and funding for the southern border. It’s been clear for months that this framework provides the best opportunity for a bipartisan compromise, but many in Washington have been more concerned with political goals than enacting meaningful legislation.


It’s critical that leaders unify and come together on a measure that offers permanent legal status to the Dreamers, rather than a short-term solution that forces Congress to debate this issue again in a few years – and which fails to provide the certainty that people need to plan their lives and build a better future. And instead of more vague talk, it’s time for the president and Congressional leaders to begin to discuss specifics about a possible deal.”