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The LIBRE Initiative – Florida Releases 2022 Legislative Priorities

The LIBRE Initiative – Florida Releases 2022 Legislative Priorities
The LIBRE Initiative – Florida Releases 2022 Legislative Priorities

Hispanic Advocacy Group Will Support Pro Growth and Pro Freedom

(Tallahassee, FL) – The LIBRE Initiative – Florida, an organization committed to empowering the Hispanic community, announced their legislative priorities for 2022, including educational freedom, pro-growth economic policies and expanding health care for all.

The organization also announced plans to mobilize its grassroots army of activists, supporters, and staff all throughout the state to support their legislative priorities in the new year.

Alian Collazo, LIBRE-Florida’s  Deputy Director of Grassroots Operations:

 “This year we are committed to making Florida an even better place to live, work, start a business, and raise a family. And we can do this by supporting pro-growth and pro-freedom policies, regardless of whether they are being championed by Republicans, Democrats, or Independents.”

 Collazo went on to add:

 “Our growing army of supporters and volunteers include working mothers, faith leaders, students and entrepreneurs who are all pursuing their version of the American Dream. They are prepared to hold our elected officials accountable to ensure that they are promoting policies expanding opportunity and prosperity for all – including our state’s vibrant and growing Hispanic community.”

Highlights from The LIBRE Initiative’s 2022 Legislative Priorities

Education Reforms: As public polling has shown, the Latino community in Florida prioritizes education. As a result, LIBRE will call on lawmakers to expand educational freedom in all forms – including virtual education- to ensure that Latino families can customize education plans that work for every child.

Economic Opportunity: LIBRE will champion pro-growth economic policies including legislation that will make it easier for individuals to request agencies create a public and searchable list of their current and ongoing rule creations so that interested groups can see intent on rule creation.

Additionally, LIBRE will urge lawmakers to ease regulations that make it harder for independent contractors to work in the state.

Health Care: LIBRE will champion policies expanded access to quality, affordable health care, including pushing for audio-only telehealth and the expansion of pharmacist scope of practice, just to name a few.