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The LIBRE Initiative Launches Spanish-Language Digital Ad Pressuring Legislature to Stop Corporate Welfare

The LIBRE Initiative Launches Spanish-Language Digital Ad Pressuring Legislature to Stop Corporate Welfare 

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(Tallahassee, FL) – Today, The LIBRE Initiative released a Spanish-language web ad calling on the Florida Legislature to put an end to several major corporate welfare programs which only benefit large, well-connected companies – all at the expense of hardworking Florida taxpayers.

The LIBRE Initiative’s Coalitions Director, Cesar Grajales issued the following statement:

“Hispanic families and small business owners across Florida deserve a fair, competitive free market where the government does not pick winners and losers. This is why the Florida Senate should pass a responsible budget that doesn’t fund corporate welfare and special interests. Ending these wasteful, unfair programs is an important step toward breaking down barriers to economic growth and opportunity. Stopping this broken system will lead to economic progress and increasing prosperity that benefits everyone – not just well-connected corporations.”

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