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Senate Confirms Alexander Acosta as Secretary of Labor

Senate Confirms Alexander Acosta as Secretary of Labor

(Washington, D.C.) – Last night the United States Senate voted to confirm Alexander Acosta to serve as the next Secretary of Labor. The vote was bipartisan, with 60 Senators supporting the nomination.

Daniel Garza, the President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“We are gratified that the Senate has voted to confirm Alex Acosta as U.S. Secretary of Labor. We are optimistic that he will be an advocate for market-based solutions to address labor issues in our country, and will support policies to limit excessive federal regulations that hurt workers and stifle economic opportunity. Alex Acosta is the child of immigrants, and his career of public service is a testament to the power of immigrant families to live the American Dream, and to make key contributions to this great nation.

I’ve known Alex since we served together in the White House, and know him to be a wise and hard-working man of great character.  His career and experience make him an excellent choice to lead the Department of Labor and join the President’s Cabinet.”

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