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The LIBRE Initiative, Freedom Partners Launch TV ad Supporting Dreamer, Border Deal

(Arlington, VA)—Today The LIBRE Initiative and Freedom Partners announced the launch of a television and digital ad campaign urging President Trump and the congressional leadership to come to an agreement on a solution that pairs both Dreamers and border security and remind them of their commitment to support Dreamers. This TV ad is the start of a six-figure campaign running well into early 2019. These organizations’ leaders join a long list of prominent individuals, like so many across America, that have also pressed the president and Congress to act with urgency and close on a deal that protects Dreamers and enhances security at the border.


Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:


“For far too long our elected officials have passed on the opportunity to provide a permanent solution to Dreamers. Right now President Trump and Congressional leaders have a unique opportunity to provide both certainty for the Dreamers and enhanced border security – and walk away with a win. But what seems so obvious to those outside of political gamesmanship is escaping our elected officials. Until Congress and the president come together to provide a solution for the Dreamers, they will continue to live in uncertainty – unable to fully contribute to their families, their communities, and the nation as a whole. The time has never been more urgent for a solution that provides Dreamers with the necessary certainty to plan their futures. We stand ready to work with the president and congressional leaders to get this done.”


Nathan Nascimento, Executive Vice President of Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, released the following statement:


“The president and Congress should come together on Dreamer protection with enhanced border security. Dreamers represent some of the best and brightest in our country. They are students and workers, earning their way, providing for their families and contributing to our communities. The American people overwhelmingly support a fix for Dreamers. Our leaders say they do, too. They should get it done with urgency before any budget agreement can be considered complete.”


This ad will air Thursday and Friday on FOX and Friends, Morning Joe, MTP Daily, The Situation Room, The Lead with Jake Tapper, America’s Newsroom, and The FIVE. The digital ads will run in San Francisco, New York City, and DC.


View the ad here