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ICYMI: Wall Street Journal Supports Dreamer/Border Funding Compromise

(Arlington, VA)—Today, The Wall Street Journal editorialized in support of an effort to push the president and Congress to make a deal that provides provide certainty to the Dreamers and funding for the border. In this effort, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board joins the long list of prominent individuals and organizations calling on the president and Congress to cement a deal on Dreamers and border security. Read the entire article here.


Below are excerpts from the piece:


The country is yawning as Washington wrangles over another possible government shutdown this weekend, and no wonder. The fight is over a difference of merely $3.4 billion in funding for border security. If Donald Trump really wants a political fight worth having, and a chance to retrieve his public standing, he’d go much bigger and offer legalization for the Dreamers in return for his money.




At this late stage such a trade isn’t likely. Republicans who lost in November want to get out of town, and Democrats figure they’ll be in a stronger position in January when they run the House. We are left with one of those shutdown spectacles in which the rhetoric is so bitter because the stakes are so small.




Another possibility is to pass a continuing resolution through the new year and delay the fight until the next Congress convenes. The gambit is that the politics will be cleaner for Republicans when they can blame Democrats who will then be running the House. Yet President Trump is even less likely to prevail on border funding next year without making even larger concessions.




All of which is a reminder of Mr. Trump’s immigration lost opportunity. With his restrictionist campaign credentials, he was perfectly positioned to strike a deal that settled at least some of our immigration dilemmas.




If Democrats aren’t willing to offer more border security in exchange for a deal on the Dreamers, something the party has made a signature issue, then that will expose the left’s political cynicism. The Dreamer issue will also return next year with a vengeance once the courts rule on the legal status of Mr. Trump’s order rescinding Barack Obama’s legalization. If Mr. Trump wants leverage in that fight, he’ll have to keep steady pressure on Democrats to legalize the Dreamers.


Read the entire article here.


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