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ICYMI: LIBRE-CO in Denver Business Journal

ICYMI: LIBRE-CO in Denver Business Journal

(Denver, CO) – Recently, Rose Martinez of The LIBRE Initiative – Colorado, a group committed to empowering the Latino community, interviewed Gitanjali Rao, 2020 Time Kid of the Year, about her success and how she has been able to thrive in her educational setting.

To read the interview that ran in the Denver Business Journal, click here.

From the interview:

“I had teachers who were open to me writing an essay on the topic of “artificial intelligence” or “girls in STEM” for an English class. My marketing teacher allowed me to use my real product branding as an assignment. There were teachers who were open to me writing a book in lieu of another assignment, and teachers who were open to me completing my own innovation instead of an assigned class science project.”

-Gitanjali Rao


The LIBRE Initiative believes that all students and families should have access to a quality education that fits their needs and helps them succeed. To honor the qualities and characteristics that make our children who they are, our education options should expand the ability of families to choose the right school for their students, whether it’s public, private, charter, homeschooling or a whole handful of other options. When families have the freedom to choose the best education for their children, everyone wins.

To read the entire interview, click here.