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ICYMI: Washington Post Focuses on The LIBRE Initiative’s Community Outreach


ICYM: Washington Post Focuses on The LIBRE Initiative’s Community Outreach

(Washington D.C.) – Today The Washington Post highlights work of The LIBRE Initiative in Hispanic communities around the country. While LIBRE is reaching out to Hispanics and assisting them on increasing their self-reliance, advocates of big government are concerned.


“Paula Hernandez, 46, an undocumented restaurant supervisor from Mexico, was one of those sitting on folded chairs [during LIBRE’s Pasa la Prueba event in Nevada], listening. She has worked in the United States for 25 years and gave birth to three children here. She has never heard of the Koch brothers or LIBRE but said the free classes were a “great help,” particularly because nobody else is lending her a hand. “President Obama promised to do more for us, and it just didn’t happen.”


“Latino celebrities, unions and left-leaning community groups” for decades have done a far better job in courting the Hispanic vote and “engaging directly with the Latino community,” said Daniel Garza, executive director of LIBRE. Now, he said, his group aims to end what he calls the “deafening silence” from “libertarians and conservatives.”


In addition to driver’s license classes, LIBRE has started offering Latinos tax preparation help, wellness checkups, scholarships and food giveaways in Texas, Colorado, Florida and other states. It has bought ads touting the “free market,” smaller government and school choice, and its officials are a growing presence on Spanish-language news stations talking about the virtues of “self-reliance.”


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