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House and Senate Move Forward with a Balanced Budget

For Immediate Release 
May 06, 2015

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House and Senate Move Forward with a Balanced Budget


(Washington D.C.) – Yesterday the Senate passed the budget resolution for 2016, which would reduce spending by $5 trillion – growing the economy by $400 billion over 10 years and creating 1.2 million additional jobs. This non-binding plan provides for balancing the federal budget over 10 years and maintains the bipartisan-passed spending caps. The budget resolution does not require the president’s approval, but if Congress moves to formally enact the changes called for in the plan, those separate bills would be sent to the White House for approval or a veto.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

 “Once again, President Obama is calling for unacceptable increases in federal spending and taxes – beyond the levels previously provided for in the bipartisan agreement reached by the White House and the Congress. He and his allies in Congress are pledging to oppose any proposals that do not break that agreement, potentially leading to a government shutdown. The president has been quick to take credit for deficit reduction that has come mainly at the insistence of the more fiscally responsible leadership of the House and Senate. But, his policies ignore that even these reduced deficit levels proved temporary, as the government’s own projections show that the annual deficit is set to start climbing again, unless something is done to curtail the spending. We cannot keep spending, taxing, and growing our national debt — which is already at more than 18 trillion — and impose an unfair and immoral burden on our future generations.

If the president is serious about economic growth for the U.S., it’s time to work together with Congress on a balanced budget that works in the best interest of the American people. The vote this week will set the tone for America’s economic future. Rather the stubbornly pushing for a bigger government that the people do not support, the White House needs to play a constructive role.”

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