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GDP Growth Must Bring More Opportunities


GDP Growth Must Bring More Opportunities


(Washington D.C.)  – According to today’s report on the gross domestic product (GDP), the economy grew at a slower rate in the last quarter of 2014 than previously thought. With the economy growing an estimated 2.2 percent in the quarter, the growth rate for the entire year of 2014 was just 2.4 percent – comparable to the 2.2 percent rate in 2013. With economic growth stuck in a disappointing trend, opportunities for the Hispanic community are also disappointing. With 24 million Latinos in the workforce, still facing an Unemployment rate much higher than the nation’s, reforms are needed to give them the opportunity to contribute to the country’s growth, as well as their own.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of the LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“Every hard working American should be able to support themselves and their loved ones, but this seems increasingly difficult – especially for the Hispanic community. The participation rate for Hispanics remains stuck well below where it was a few years ago, where our community has traditionally high levels. Meanwhile, Washington keeps playing politics instead of focusing on fixing those Taxes and Regulation s that hurt our economy and prevent businesses from accessing the Capital they need to produce wealth and generating jobs.

The big government approach is not working and it’s time for a changed one. Our leaders need to stop patting themselves on the back and start focusing their attention on the people – people who want to work and prosper. Let’s start by giving businesses back their freedom and stop imposing unnecessary Regulation s that ultimately hurts us all.”

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