The American story is one of people rising to achieve great things. Many Hispanics who have left their native country looking for a better life in the U.S. are drawn by the idea that regardless of your starting point, all people have the ability to contribute, achieve success, and live meaningful lives.  

This is the American Dream. It’s made possible by certain economic principles – property rights, rule of law, free trade and open markets, limited government, and sound money supply – that unleash opportunity for all.  

But underlying these principles are deeper ones, principles of empowerment that have made societies freer and more open, contributing to unprecedented progress. These principles guide all our efforts.  

The LIBRE Initiative stands for:  

Empowering people to realize their unique potential. Everyone has a gift – let’s help them discover and develop it. 

Equal rights and respecting the dignity of every person. Everyone has the potential to contribute in society if they have the right mindset and material support. 

Openness to people, ideas, goods, and services. We all benefit when we embrace differences and expand inclusion. 

People succeeding by helping others improve their lives. Let’s find win-win solutions that truly help every person rise. 

It’s these principles that put the American Dream within reach of every person. By following them, the Hispanic community can improve its wellbeing and build a better future for all.