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Daniel Garza Encourages Latinos to Vote

Daniel Garza Encourages Latinos to Vote

(Washington, DC) – As many states begin early voting, it is important that Latinos – and all Americans – inform themselves about the issues facing our nation and make themselves heard at the ballot box.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“The Latino community has a growing voice in the governance of our nation. We are younger than the country as a whole, and with each passing year, Latinos make up a larger share of our nation’s electorate. For this reason, the staff and volunteers of The LIBRE Initiative take very seriously our charge to inform the Latino community about the challenges facing America and encourage them to take action. That can take many forms, but an important one is exercising the right to vote.

We encourage all Americans to take the time to become informed on the issues and choices facing America and make their voices heard. From out-of-control government spending and debt, to a health care ‘reform’ law that just doesn’t work, to a lack of economic opportunity, the people have the power to set a new course in terms of critical policies. In order to safeguard the financial future of our nation and create opportunity for Hispanics and all Americans, it is vital that we make our voices heard at the ballot box. In states where early voting is an option, people should avail themselves, and where it is not, they should remember to go out on Election Day and vote.”

For information on your state’s voting policies click here

For more information on the importance of the Latino vote, consult the Hispanic Margin of Victory Project, a study published by The LIBRE Institute.

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