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United States Government Should Oppose Maduro’s Dictatorial Moves

United States Government Should Oppose Maduro’s Dictatorial Moves
People of Venezuela Deserve Constitutional Government

(Washington, DC) – As Venezuela’s socialist system has brought on an economic crisis in that nation, the people of the country have increasingly called for reforms to reverse the collectivist policies of the government of Nicolás Maduro. Refusing to yield to the people, Maduro has restricted freedom of speech and taken illegal steps to block any semblance of an opposition to his regime, according to the Washington Post. After stripping power from the opposition-controlled national assembly and imprisoning top leaders of the opposition, Maduro has now cancelled the referendum process that could lead to his recall, postponed local elections, and banned opposition leaders from leaving the country. Maduro’s unconstitutional moves have turned the nation into a dictatorship, according to analysts.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“Freedom of speech, assembly, and expression are some of the most important freedoms we enjoy in the United States, and the fact that Americans are able to protest and use their time and resources to speak out against government policies is one of the greatest reasons for our country’s prosperity. Today, our brothers and sisters in Venezuela are learning what happens when those freedoms are restricted. Venezuelans are living through one of the worst political and humanitarian crises in Latin America’s modern history, and the Obama administration is doing nothing about it. The United States and hemispheric leaders should speak against these infringements on human rights and democracy. President Obama should call for the rights of the people of Venezuela to be respected, and condemn this lawless regime. The United States should encourage a restoration of private property rights and free markets, so that the people of Venezuela are once again able to profit by creating value for each other – and not just a corrupt regime.”

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