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Daniel Garza Comments on State of the Union Address

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Daniel Garza Comments on State of the Union Address


(Washington, D.C.) – Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, comments on today’s State of the Union address.

“President Obama sees his legacy as a proud achievement, but the reality is that under his administration Hispanics continue to be pushed into part-time work, student debt is exploding, and Obamacare enrollment is falling far below projections because it’s just too expensive. And after calling himself a champion on immigration he failed to lead toward a consensus on reform. These are all issues that our community cares deeply about, and no amount of rhetoric changes the fact that he has failed. 

President Obama promised that more government intervention would make all our lives better. Instead, Latino families and workers struggle while Washington flourishes.  His so-called ‘legacy’ are reforms that gave bureaucrats and politicians more control over our lives. We have had to sacrifice more, work much harder and endure cutbacks to family budgets as Washington politicians hammer us with more taxes and decide how to spend our money.

It’s time for our voice to be heard. Latinos must decide if we want a repeat – even an expansion of these failed policies, or if it’s time for a new approach – one aimed towards growth and opportunity.”

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