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Celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month!

Celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month!

June is Immigrant Heritage Month – a time to celebrate our history and shared love of the country we now call home. For hundreds of years, immigrants have made their way to the United States in search of freedom, refuge and opportunity that is unmatched anywhere else.

Immigration is a polarizing word. But it shouldn’t be that way.

Millions of Americans have ties to immigration. Some have just recently moved to the states, and some trace their ancestry to Ellis Island in the 19th century flood of European immigrants. The common thread is that we all came to the same place to seek new lives and new possibilities.

Immigration has always made our nation stronger and it still does today. Immigrants bring with them a strong work ethic, vitality and entrepreneurship, brilliant minds and unique experiences that grow our economy and strengthen our communities. Immigrant Heritage Month is a time to remember where we came from and look forward to where we’re going together.

We want to know about your family’s place in America’s immigrant history. Celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month with us by telling us your immigration story!