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The LIBRE Initiative responds to January Jobs Report

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Arlington, VA – The LIBRE Initiative (LIBRE) Executive Director Daniel Garza released the following statement: "In the midst of failing consumer confidence and the economy contracting, the Obama administration's negligence has shut down the 26-member panel dedicated to spur job creation. The President's disinterest in creating jobs is evident and his failure to accept responsibility for his failed economic policies is appalling as 23 million Americans struggle to find decent employment month after month. This month marks the 3rd anniversary of the President's $825 billion stimulus, yet our economic situation is dismal, our credit has been downgraded, and our debt is past the ceiling. It is time for Congress and the White House to take action on cutting spending so business investment and entrepreneurship can grow our economy and create much needed jobs." For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Judy Pino at (202) 578-6424 or [email protected]