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White House: Spanish-Language Site for ACA Will Not be Ready October 1

White House: Spanish-Language Site for ACA Will Not be Ready October 1

Delay Means the Site will not be Prepared to Enroll Spanish-Speakers As Scheduled

(Washington, D.C.) – White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today confirmed press reports that the Spanish-language enrollment site for the Affordable Care Act (also called the ACA or Obamacare) will not be ready on October 1, as previously scheduled. This news comes after more than three years of preparation for full implementation of the law, and after repeated assurances from Executive Branch officials that it would be ready to go into effect on time. Given the President's focus on enrolling Hispanics, this news is surprising – particularly that it comes so late.

Jorge A. Lima, Director of Policy, The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"Supporters of the ACA have been saying for months that they would make every effort to sign-up Spanish-speaking members. Now – just a few days before that process was to begin – it turns out online enrollment on the site won't even be possible.

The Administration has still not revealed details of plans available in federally-run insurance exchanges. Now, it's not even clear when enrollment can really begin.  Still, all Americans continue to face penalties if they fail to comply with the law's mandates. How can the Administration seriously claim the law is ready for full implementation?  It is time to acknowledge the law's faults and institute a workable solution."

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