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The State of the Union for the Latino Community is Not Strong Under Bidenomics

The State of the Union for the Latino Community is Not Strong Under Bidenomics

Largest Center-Right Latino Advocacy Group Urges President Biden to Work with Congress to Expand Economic Opportunity, Secure Border & Personalize Health Care & Education

(Arlington, VA) – The LIBRE Initiative, a national grassroots and advocacy organization committed to empowering the Latino community, issued a statement on President Biden’s State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress.

 Jose Mallea, chief executive officer for The LIBRE Initiative, said:

“Despite what President Biden would like to have us believe, the state of the union for the Latino community is not strong. Latinos are bearing the brunt of a historically high inflation rate exacerbated by 5.5 trillion dollars in new spending over the last three years. Under Bidenomics, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for many Latinos to pursue their version of the American Dream.

To reverse course, President Biden must elevate a vision where Americans – and Latinos – live in a country with a secure border and an orderly immigration system and are empowered to find meaningful work and choose a health care and educational plan that works best for their families and themselves. 

That means rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach that robs Latinos of their individuality and their agency to thrive without the government’s help. It also means setting aside the name-calling and the blame game that does little to unite our country. 

Instead of allowing the State of the Union to drive a wedge between the American people, we urge President Biden to advance areas of common ground where meaningful legislation is possible, even in an election year and in a divided government. The Latino community is tired of excuses and is looking for our president and our elected officials to lead.”