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Texas Economic Success a Lesson for Washington

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Texas Economic Success a Lesson for Washington
State is Home to Nation's Top Job Creators

(Washington, D.C.) –  According to recent rankings by Forbes and The Business Journals, America's top cities when it comes to job creation are found in Texas. Forbes reports that since 2007, the four U.S. cities that have been most successful in job creation are: Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos; Houston-Sugarland-Baytown; San Antonio-New Braunfels; and, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington. The Business Journals includes three Texas cities among their top five based on economic strength over the last year. Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth take the top two spots in the ranking, and Houston finished fourth overall.

Texas Governor Rick Perry recently offered his assessment of why his state has been so successful: "It's simple: we keep taxes low, maintain fair and predictable regulations, and protect our citizens from frivolous lawsuits. These free market principles have created an environment that allows hard-working Texans to prosper, unburdened by an intrusive government that taxes success and limits our freedom." Policymakers in Washington should look to the success of Texas, and identify what lessons can benefit the nation.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"Despite the ongoing problems with implementation of the Affordable Care Act, economic growth has been a consistent top priority of the American people for years. And recently no state has been more successful at creating jobs and promoting economic growth than Texas.

Washington can learn a lot from looking at state success stories. Whether we're talking about education, or health care, or any other policy area, state officials are addressing problems similar to the ones facing Congress and the President – and they can offer valuable lessons. If Washington is truly concerned about getting America working again, they need to figure out what Texas is doing right, and how they can encourage the same type of results for the nation."

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