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Support for Affordable Care Act Continues to Slide

Support for Affordable Care Act Continues to Slide

Americans fear Costly Repercussions, Says Poll

(Washington, D.C.) – As major pieces of the Affordable Care Act (also referred to as the ACA or Obamacare) come closer to being implemented, support for the law among the American people is failing. According to a new national poll, 71 percent of voters believe the President's health law will increase their taxes, while 62 percent believe it will raise the cost of premiums. Sixty-five percent believe implementing the law will add to the federal deficit. Overall, 63 percent of voters believe the law needs to be changed and Congress should keep working on it.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"We're seeing very clearly what happens when a massive new federal program is enacted without bipartisan support and without addressing the real concerns of the American people. Very few Americans understand what the law will do, with less than two months before enrollment is scheduled to begin.

LIBRE staff and volunteers see this every day as we interact with members of the Hispanic community around the country. Almost no one has any genuine understanding of how it will impact job creation, premiums, doctor waiting times, emergency room access, billing, and more. It is a mistake to rush this law into effect without responding to these real concerns of Americans who will deal with the effects of the law every single day."

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