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State Budget Without Corporate Welfare is A Win for Hispanics 

State Budget Without Corporate Welfare is A Win for Hispanics 

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 (Tallahassee, FL) – Yesterday, both chambers of the Florida legislature approved a budget that excludes funding for Enterprise Florida. By excluding funding legislators are protecting taxpayers and ending this failed corporate welfare program.

Cesar Grajales, Florida Coalitions Director for The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“The rejection of funding for Enterprise Florida is a victory for hardworking Hispanics and all residents of Florida who deserve a government that is responsible with their tax dollars. Corporate welfare programs like Enterprise Florida benefit a few at the expense of the many. These harmful policies create an uneven playing field – one that gives politically favored businesses an edge over the small business owners in our communities – while counting on taxpayers to pick up the tab. We thank the state legislature for standing up to special interests and making the right decision for all Floridians.”

For Interviews with a representative from The LIBRE Initiative, please contact Brian Faughnan, 202-805-1581 or Wadi Gaitan, 202-853-4463