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President Obama Should Lay Out Pragmatic, Bipartisan Vision


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President Obama Should Lay Out Pragmatic, Bipartisan Vision
Economic Growth, Health Care Fixes, Immigration Reform Should be Priorities

(Washington, D.C.) – This evening President Obama will deliver the 7th State of the Union Address of his presidency.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director for The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:  

“For the first time in his tenure, President Obama has the opportunity – the responsibility – to work with a Congress controlled by the opposition. The new leadership has professed a desire to cut spending and reduce the deficit, promote job creation through measures like the Keystone XL Pipeline, and reform the health care law. Hopefully President Obama will drop his focus on unilateral, partisan measures whose legality is uncertain, and instead seek common ground on shared priorities. 

The president’s approval rating among Latinos has fallen dramatically in the last few years, as the Latino unemployment rate remains stubbornly high and more and more are forced into part-time work instead of full-time jobs. They are coping with higher health care costs and a higher cost of living. And they see leaders in Washington who are unable or unwilling to work together on immigration reform and other priorities. 

These are the concerns the president should address tonight. Instead, reports say that having proposed tax increases in each of his six State of the Union addresses so far, he is set to propose more than $300 billion in additional tax increases – including new taxes on saving for college. The president seems committed to policies of class warfare that bring bigger government and lower wages for working Americans. This is exactly the wrong approach. It will not lead to positive, lasting bipartisan progress.”

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