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Massive Protest Against Repressive, Socialist Regime of Venezuela Today

Massive Protest Against Repressive, Socialist Regime of Venezuela Today

(Washington, D.C.) – Today thousands of protesters from all over the nation of Venezuela will march in the capital city of Caracas, to call for elections under the nation’s constitution. The repressive socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro has arrested opposition leaders including Leopoldo Lopez and Yon Goicochea and suppressed free expression in an effort to silence the opposition, who are calling for reforms to address the problems of growing crime, black markets, scarcity of necessary consumer goods, and runaway inflation. Nearly 2 million Venezuelans signed petitions – submitted in March – to call for a recall election, but the Maduro government is attempting to prolong the process to ensure control of the government and deny the people their legitimate right to choose new leadership.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“The people of Venezuela have a right to a voice in how their country is governed. That right is enshrined in the nation’s constitution, and the oppressive, autocratic government of Nicolas Maduro should not circumvent it just to retain their hold on power. Millions of Venezuelans have risked the ire of this government – stepping forward to publicly call for a timely election, to which they are entitled. They have done so because it is clear the nation is falling apart, and innocent lives are being lost in service of the failed ideology of socialism. Quite simply, when government grows too big – when it interferes in the daily lives of everyday citizens through excessive rules, regulations, taxes, mandates, and price controls – society begins to collapse. A big government, statist approach to governance creates undesirable incentives by halting innovation, stifling productivity and lessening voluntary exchange between people – resulting in diminished job opportunities and reduced prosperity for its citizens. This must change. The right of the people to change the course of their nation must be respected.”

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