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LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza: “Here’s How Conservatives Can Start Reaching Hispanic Voters”

LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza:

"Here's How Conservatives Can Start Reaching Hispanic Voters"

(Washington, D.C) – Read excerpts below of Daniel Garza's op-ed published at The Federalist:

Watching conservatives trying to appeal to Hispanic voters can be frustrating to watch because they're making it harder than it really should be. In reality, it's no different than winning support from any other voter segment. Convince voters – as many as possible – that you'll do a better job of addressing their concerns than the other candidate, and then do it.


The frustration stems from the fact that conservatives can and should win this test every time, but time and again they have failed to make an effective case to the Hispanic community. Having ceded outreach efforts of minority communities to progressive non-profits, unions and liberal candidates, their neglect has resulted in the loss of precious votes on a massive scale across the country.


Be Not Afraid: There are plenty of Hispanics who consider themselves conservatives. They are waiting to hear a counter message to the promises constantly fed to them by liberal activists and politicians. You will never win their support if you're afraid to tell them what you believe.


Don't Pander: Conservatism and economic freedom are better for families, better for workers, and better for Americans generally. If you offer the same promises as liberals do, even if a little less,only to win cheap political points, you too are complicit in the destruction of the Hispanic family unit. Stick with conservative principles that build a prosperous economy, sound communities, and improve the well-being of families.


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