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Immigration Reform Will Encourage Growth, Promote Fairness


Immigration Reform Will Encourage Growth, Promote Fairness
Tech Sector Works to Disrupt the Process and Push Legislation  

(Washington, D.C.) – Although immigration reform legislation is not currently being considered, reform supporters – including the National Immigration Forum and others – continue to stress the importance of fixing our broken system. As they do so, evidence continues to mount that a broad reform package would help boost the nation's weak economy. For example, a recent study of firms that hire skilledimmigrants shows that attracting this talent tends to boost the company's hiring over time – creating jobs and economic opportunity for many others. This is one reason that some in Michigan are calling for more immigration as one of the solutions to the enormous challenge of fixing the Detroit economy.  

LIBRE has long embraced comprehensive reform that that improves enforcement, deals fairly with the millions who are here without legal status, and facilitates the full participation of immigrants in our economy. 

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement: 

“The LIBRE Initiative supports a market-driven, employment-based immigration reform that facilitates the full participation of immigrants in our economy. We recognize that immigrants are a source of economic strength and vitality. They own nearly one-fifth of all small businesses and employ about 10 percent of all workers. They started 28 percent of all new businesses in 2011. Clearly they are part of the solution to the nation's continued sluggish economy. It's important that leaders in both parties reach across the aisle to build trust and adopt reforms to address all aspects of our broken system. We are encouraged by the support and active involvement of millions of Americans. Immigration reform will only serve to make our country stronger and more prosperous for all. Hopefully, the President will make good on his promise and work with the Republican leadership – who must also work in true bipartisan spirit – to deliver on their professed goal to fix our broken immigration laws.”

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