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House GOP Leader Predicts Immigration Reform in 2014

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House GOP Leader Predicts Immigration Reform in 2014

"Step by Step" Reform the Goal

(Washington, D.C.) – Representative Greg Walden (R-OR), Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), recently state d that Congress is likely to pass immigration reform during 2014.  While speaking at a breakfast briefing, he commented, "The Speaker has said on more than one occasion that this is a federal problem. I've said this is a federal problem. It needs to be dealt with by the federal government, so I think you'll see it come." Walden emphasized that legislation would likely be done "step by step," as House leaders have planned, with a stated goal of increasing transparency and improving public understanding of all the elements of a reform package. Walden's comments come on the heels of Speaker Boehner's declaration that House leaders "have no intention" of going to conference with the Senate regarding the Senate-passed comprehensive reform bill.

Jose Mallea, National Strategic Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"It is encouraging that despite the current focus on health care, elected officials continue to call for immigration reform to be voted on in the current Congress. This is an issue the President had promised in 2008 that he would tackle during his first term when he had a Democratic House and Senate. Now, in order to address this important issue, both sides will need to be willing to reach across the aisle and compromise.

"The LIBRE Initiative supports a market-driven, employment-based immigration reform that facilitates the full participation of immigrants in our economy. Hopefully, the President will not flounder on this promise, and will encourage leaders of the House and Senate to work together to achieve true reform."

Through the ESTAMOS CONTIGO (We are With You) campaign for immigration reform, The LIBRE Initiative is providing an avenue for constituents to reach out to their Senators and Representative in Congress to work together to pass immigration reform legislation that is employment based and market- driven. Read more about LIBRE's Statement of Principles on Immigration Reform.

For interviews with a LIBRE representative, please contact: Judy Pino, 202-578-6424 or Brian Faughnan, 571-257-3309.