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House Committee Right to Reject Charter School Funding Cut

(Denver, CO)—Yesterday, the Colorado House Education Committee defeated a proposal to override 2017 legislation that established funding for state-approved public charter schools. According to press reports, the committee voted against HB19-1190 and preserved $10.5 million for charter schools in the state’s $7 billion budget for K-12 education. Supporters agree that the 2017 law is the first step to ensure that public school funding is more predictable and equitable, while improving the ability of state public schools to meet the needs of all students. Public charter schools in Colorado serve more than 18,000 students – with 17 percent of these students English language learners.


Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“Thousands of Hispanic students benefit every year from Colorado’s public charter schools, which help families find an education that best fits the individuals needs of their child. We are pleased that the House defeated HB19-1190. Every Colorado family deserves the freedom to pursue an education that provides their child the education needed to discover, develop, and apply their talents in order to find fulfillment and success in the challenging workplace of tomorrow. At The LIBRE Initiative, we believe that access to a quality education, regardless of financial resources or neighborhood, is critical to achieving the American Dream. We’re encouraged that a bipartisan majority of the Education Committee rejected a proposal that would make it harder for families to achieve that Dream.”

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