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A Good Education Shouldn’t Depend on Winning the Lottery


A Good Education Shouldn't Depend on Winning the Lottery
Hispanics Gain Most From Educational Freedom  

(Washington, D.C.) – With more and more Americans facing a weak economy and a lack of economic opportunity, increasing attention is focused on education. Americans agree on the importance of making sure young people have the skills and education to compete in a global economy. While some have declared education to be the civil rights issue of our time, many students across the country are stuck in underperforming schools based on nothing more than their zip code. Even in the nation's capital, inequality in the education system is seen as a serious problem. Parents have grown accustomed to participating in lotteries for positions at some of the city's charter schools. Waiting lists have grown into the hundreds for some pre-K programs, and parents have at times pitched tents outside of favored schools to boost their chances. 

In a 2013 analysis of learning achievement across 26 states, researchers at Stanford conclude that Hispanic students in particular have higher learning gains at a charter school versus a traditional public school. Another study released last year found that students do demonstrably better when they move from a poor educational environment to a better one, an important fact for the nation's 17.1 million Hispanic youth; as well as for the rest of the country, with three-quarters of the growth in the nation's labor force through 2020 coming from Hispanics. 

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement: 

"A large majority of Americans support school choice, and reports show that among Hispanics the rate is even higher. Individuals support educational reform because they want the freedom to make the right choices for their families. Every year, Washington throws billions of dollars into failing school districts and an antiquated system with no signs of substantial improvement in student achievement.

Our children deserve the opportunities afforded to them by receiving a world class education, but instead they're falling behind other western nations as our public school system holds many back. Instead of politicizing this issue, elected officials need to give families the freedom to pursue the American dream – not hinder them for having been born in the wrong zip code."  

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