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Garcia Should Apologize for Remark on Communism


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Garcia Should Apologize for Remark on Communism  

(Washington, D.C.) – In a Google Hangout regarding immigration yesterday, Congressman Joe Garcia (FL) said that the reason El Paso is a relatively safe city is that "communism works." According to Garcia: 

"…the most dangerous-sorry, the safest city in America is El Paso, Texas. It happens to be across the border from the most dangerous city in the Americas, which is Juarez. Right? And two of the safest cities in America, two of them are on the border with Mexico. And of course, the reason is we've proved that Communism works. If you give everybody a good, government job, there's no crime."

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:  

"Congressman Garcia's comments are both insensitive and ignorant. The evidence is in: communism as a system cannot work. It puts people in service of the state and crushes economic growth. Such statements are contrary to the principles of freedom that so many come to America in search of. 

Coming on May 20th – the day Cubans celebrate their freedom from Spain – Garcia's comments are especially insulting to constituents who know all too well the problems with communism. Many of them escaped the brutality and economic deprivation that Castro's communism brought to Cuba. Many remember lost family members and friends who were less fortunate – as well as those who even today suffer under that regime. Garcia owes them an immediate and wholehearted apology."

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