As Congress waits for the President’s long-overdue budget blueprint on Wednesday preliminary reports are already calling it unre

For Immediate Distribution April 8, 2013

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Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

(Washington, DC) – “After four years of waiting for a budget proposal from President Obama, preliminary reports of the pending blueprint to be released on Wednesday indicate the plan includes no real solutions to an economic recovery,despite the earlier overtures to a more conciliatory approach. Regrettably,analysts are also telling the American people to expect more of the same; increases in taxes to our job creators, arbitrary cuts to social security, and no real reform proposed for the government programs currently tracking on an unsustainable fiscal path. We hope that Congress can agree on a smart,realistic and comprehensive budget plan that cuts wasteful spending and works with, and not against the nation’s entrepreneurs who are most effective in creating job opportunities in an economy that remains weak.”

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