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America’s Latinos Head to Electoral Polls all Over the Country

America's Latinos Head to Electoral Polls all Over the Country

LIBRE stresses the importance of civic assimilation amongst Hispanics

(Washington, D.C.) – The staff and volunteers of the LIBRE Initiative are working with Hispanic communities across the nation to ensure that Latinos are making informed decisions about the serious public policy challenges America faces. From health care, to education, to the economy and jobs, Americans  are concerned about the direction the nation is headed. They recognize the importance of exercising their right to vote in state and local elections in order to promote positive change. During Hispanic Heritage Month, The LIBRE Initiative continues to build on its campaign "Celebrating Latino Success" through our inspirational promotional videos, "Vota, Se LIBRE," featuring modern-day Hispanic leaders and personalities: Esai Morales, Myrka Dellanos, Daniel Garza and Marian de la Fuente, prompting viewers to recall the efforts of heroic figures of the past who fought for liberty and the principles of economic freedom. 

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"Latinos came to the United States because they believed in freedom and opportunity, and they knew that in America, through hard work and initiative they could build a better life and achieve the American Dream. When they came here, they did not forget the brave leadership of people like Emiliano Zapata and Jose Marti, who fought to restore and protect personal freedoms – like freedom of speech, the right to own property, and the right to pursue one's own happiness without the government dictating how to live your life. These are freedoms that many Latinos literally risked their lives to come here for. We revere their sacrifice and thank them for the gift of liberty they gave us.

This generation appreciates and honors our heritage. And we remember the admonition that freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. This is why it is important for all Latinos, of every age, to further educate themselves on the issues that face our nation, and come out and vote. America faces serious challenges in the years ahead – joblessness, debts, and a fragile health care system. We must resolve today to make ourselves heard and vote for policies that promote prosperity."

For interviews with a LIBRE representative, please contact:  Judy Pino, 202-578-6424 or Brian Faughnan, 571-257-3309, 571-257-3309.